55 Cal Arc Flash Suit & Oil Protection

55 CAL Arc Flash Suit components:

  1. Jacket – ATPV 55 CAL
  2. Trousers – ATPV 55 CAL
  3. Ventilated Hood also an option – ATPV 55 CAL
  4. Kit bag – ATPV 55 CAL
  5. Gloves – ATPV 55AL
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ATPV 55 CAL/cm2 fall into category HRC 4 arc flash protection.

The user must perform a Hazard Risk Assessment to determine the level of exposure and need. This task can be accomplished with the proper training and software. Professional assistance is available on request.

When working in and around oil switchgear the need often arises that the electrician carrying out maintenance or other work needs to have the necessary thermal protection and protection from oil heated inside of switchgear.

Features of the ATPV 55 Arc & Oil : Du Pont material (not treated Cotton )

Multi-layered Protera fabric construction. ATPV 55 CAL with an added filament to prevent oil penetration. Arc rated at 55 cal/cm² (without the additional propriety thermal insulation). Inherently flame retardant material. Protects from hot or burning oil inside of switchgear and transformers. Garment is sealed from oil and any chemicals in FR fabric. Fits snugly over shoulders and head. Available in Jacket, Trouser, Hood, Glove and a bag to carry. SANS 724 approved material. Nomex cuffing Nomex thread High front for maximum body protection.