About us

What does it mean to be Live Line?

The technical meaning would mean to operate on any voltage source whilst the system is energised. This needs to be carried out under certain safety procedures , equipment with the appropriate safety clothing or personal protective clothing.

The Live Line Technology way is to protect our people and the equipment we supply into the electrical industry so that our users and systems remain “live line” and whilst user can remain safe and live to see their loved ones that care about them so dearly.

There is no price tag too high for human life and no product that is too good to be improved.

Our main priority and responsibility is to “protect our customer and the equipment that we manufacture and supply into the electrical industry”.

Our vision is to be a company that consistently and constantly places the value of life above the function of the task.

Our Technology is “Live Line”. We want to keep the operators alive, when operating with live equipment. We are committed to the saving of peoples lives.

The protection of people and equipment is our passion.

How does an Arc occur?

Arc Flash Suits are designed to provide protection from arc flash heat exposures. Arc flash suits are designed to protect the electrical technician from heat and to reduce or minimize total burn injury. This helps to provide the user with extra seconds of protection to help escape possible secondary explosions or fires in the work area. Arc Flash suits can increase the chances of survival. Arc Flash suits will decrease the need for medical treatment such as skin grafts and the reduction in chances of subsequent infections.

Safety is always a first priority in electrical engineering. The preservation of life is imperative. Arc Flash suits are a small cost in comparison to the loss in quality of life if a worker is exposed to an electric arc event. Electrical technicians, by law should always wear and be properly trained in the safe use and application of Arc Flash suits and appropriate personal protective equipment such as insulated rescue sticks for the possible electrical hazard with which they may face. Arc Flash clothing have long life spans if proper cleaning and maintenance of is implemented.

What causes Arc Flashes?

Arc flash is a short circuit through air that flashes over from one exposed live conductor to another conductor or to ground.

Arc flashes occur in many ways:

  1. Coming close to a high-amp source with a conductive object can cause the electricity to flash over.
  2. Dropping a tool or otherwise creating a spark can ignite an arc flash
  3. Equipment failure due to use of substandard parts, improper installation, or even normal wear and tear
  4. Breaks or gaps in insulation
  5. Dust, corrosion or other impurities on the surface of the conductor

The NFPA 70E instructs employers to conduct an arc flash analysis to determine the amount of thermal energy that could be generated in an arc flash incident. The information is then used to define a flash protection boundary around the potential source, and to determine the level of arc-rated apparel and other personal protection