25 Cal Arc Flash Suit

25 CAL Arc Flash Suit components:

  1. Jacket – ATPV 25 CAL
  2. Trousers – ATPV 25CAL
  3. Ventilated Hood also an option – ATPV 21 CAL
  4. Kit bag – ATPV 25CAL
  5. Gloves – ATPV 25CAL
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ATPV 25 CAL/cm2 fall into category HRC 4 arc flash protection. The user must perform a Hazard Risk Assessment to determine the level of exposure and need. This task can be accomplished with the proper training and software. Professional assistance is available on request.

The electrician should be protected from head to toe. The ATPV 25 CAL Headkit has a tinted visor that protects from thermal effects, conductor shrapnel and blinding light generated from the arc. ATPV 25 CAL Jackets and trousers are available in two-piece. ATPV 25 CAL Gloves are designed to provide maximum dexterity so that the electrician’s work is not inhibited. Should be worn with rubber insulated gloves & 20000v boots provide the insulation for live work conditions and a bag holds all the equipment together.